Stories of Travel Adventures That Caught Tourists Completely Unaware - (PART 2)

Welcome to great "Stories of Travel Adventures Caught Tourists Completely Unaware" Part 2. Great humor great fun great stories:

Story 9

I just don’t understand the kind of tourists who keep complaining about everything under the sun, saying things like, “Well, Goa didn’t impress me in the least...France is way too dirty...There’s nothing worth seeing in Germany!” Whenever I’m away from home (even if we’re taking a trip to a neighboring town) I’m always like, “Wow, what an interesting monument! Your pavement looks so different from ours! This is so cool!”

Story 10

Traveling is my passion. I’ve already visited many different countries, and what’s really amazing is that this cost me next to nothing. Of course, my vacations are somewhat different from ordinary tourism; I don’t sunbathe on sandy beaches or ski down snow-covered mountain slopes. All I do is explore different cities. I walk the streets, stroll around the squares, and generally enjoy myself, feeling like a local. And all thanks to the internet! Whenever I have time, I open up Google Maps, put on some quiet music, and let my next journey begin.

Story 11

This morning, I suddenly decided to go for a walk. A really long walk. So, I set off to the neighboring town. I’ve covered about 40 miles on foot, and so far, I have no desire to return home. I guess this makes me an explorer...or a hobo

Story 12

It never ceases to surprise and even sometimes annoy me that, in Europe, everything is closed on the weekends. Even buying yourself a can of Coke is out of the question, not to mention visiting a cafe. Saturdays are tolerable but Sundays are downright impossible. Once, when I was on vacation in Italy, I got stung by a jellyfish. This caused me great pain and scared the heck out of me. I hopped over to the hotel and asked an employee for assistance. Staring at my extensive wounds, he said in a shaky voice, “You need to go to the pharmacy at once and buy some ointment! The pharmacy is just around the corner!” And then, he suddenly added in a lazy, half-hearted tone, “But it’s Sunday. So everything is closed.”

Story 14

There’s a cleaner working in our office. Her salary is nothing spectacular. She usually comes in the afternoons and proceeds to mop the floors, always wearing the same outfit. The woman has a son and a grandson, but they live separately and as far as I know, she doesn’t support them financially. She’s not very good at her job, but that’s not too surprising. Anyway, she’s famous among our staff for having visited most of Europe several times already. She’s also been to Egypt, Tunisia, the Emirates, and many other places. On average, our cleaner goes on trips abroad 4 times a year. Right now, she’s on another voyage to Egypt. As for me, I’m sitting at my desk, thinking, “What have I done wrong with my life? My salary is twice as big, yet I’ve never been abroad!

Have you ever had any bizarre travel experiences? For example, realizing that you’ve left your passport and plane tickets at home half an hour before departure? Share with us in the comments below;

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